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Below you'll find the most recent changelog. This is the changelog from the cvstree. For the changelog of the most recent development version look here. And the changelog for the most recent stable version look here.

Development version
15 jun 2002 - Updated DAL
               * Added German language file, thanks goes to
                 Michael Kamleitner

06 may 2002 - Updated DAL
               * Added keyword describe to the check in the 
                 execute query function.

05 may 2002 - Updated language files
               * Removed empty line at the end of the
                 language files

=- Release 0.4.1 =-

06 apr 2002 - Update MySQL driver
               * Changed the location of the curRow reset

05 apr 2002 - Updated MySQL driver
               * Fixed a bug in the rowseeking code.
               * Changed version number

              Updated MSQL driver
               * Fixed same rowseeking bug
               * Changed version number to the same of the
                 MySQL driver

=- Release 0.4.0 -=            

20 nov 2001 - Updated config and DAL
               * Added new configuration directive $fileExt
                 With this var you can specify the extension
                 the drivers have. It also specifies the extension
                 of the main class extension files. So by example
                 the extension debugger (which has as main file
                 class_debugger) has the extension of $fileExt.
                 The files the extension is loading aren't controlled
                 by $fileExt.

15 nov 2001 - Updated dummy driver
               * Cleaned it

12 nov 2001 - Updated DAL
               * Made the transaction hooks consistent with the execute
                 query ones. (extension effects further executing)
               * Added dutch language file
              Updated debugger
               * Modified transaction hooks to be conform the other hooks

31 oct 2001 - Updated DAL
               * Moved code responsible for aborting transaction when
                 there is an error.
               * Updated the transaction test code

              Updated msql driver
               * Removed some debug code
              Updated debugger extension
               * Resetted the default language to english

27 oct 2001 - Updated DAL
               * Inserted code which aborts a running transaction when
                 there is an error.

23 oct 2001 - Updated postgreSQL driver
               * Last insert query is now delayed until really
                 nescesarry (user requesting last insert)
              Updated MySQL and msql Driver
               * Last insert query is delayed until really
                 nescesarry (user req. last insert)
               * Updated the getinsert code, now handles
                 comma's and quotes properly. 
                 (needs more extensive testing)

22 oct 2001 - Updated msql Driver
               * Fixed a broken regexp and fixed the
                 lastinsert function like mysql

              Updated tests
               * Tests now work with msql

20 oct 2001 - Updated mysql Driver
                * Fixed a broken regexp and fixed the
                  fetchlastinsert function so i can handle
                  queries with comma's in the input.

17 oct 2001 - Updated debugger config
                * Put the messages for the debugger in seperate file
                  and dir.

              Updated DAL config
                * Moved extension messages to the extension.

              Updated DAL
                * Code optimisations.
                * Alias q created for executeQuery
              Added dummy driver
                * Added a dummy driver to show which functions to put
                  in a db driver.
15 oct 2001 - Updated debugger extension
                * Fixed a small bug which could lead to the loss
                  of the database driver object.
                * Execution of query is now successfully returned
                * Some enhancements
              Updated posgreSQL driver
                * Fixed a small bug which turned affected rows to
              Updated dal
                * Fixed a bug which executed every query twice when
                  the debugger was loaded.

 9 oct 2001 -  Updated mysql driver
                * Patched last insert bug, thanks goes to

 7 oct 2001 -  Updated DAL
                * Activated hooks and extensions

               Updated debugger extension
                * Completed debugger extensions.
                  It looks pretty robust (tested it with 10
                  concurrent while loops with lynx
                  requesting the example with the debugger

               Updated the extension object
                * Optimisations and stuff to proper enable
                  the use of the extensions.

               Updated the english lang file
                * Updated the messages.

 6 oct 2001 -  Updated msqldriver to version 0.0.5
                * Added saveState and restoreState

               Updated mysql driver to version 0.1.6
                * Added saveState and restoreState

               Updated postgreSQL driver to version 0.3.5
                * Added saveState and restoreState

               Updated DAL to
                * Added all hooks
                * Added configuration lock
                * Added test if hooks are allowed
               Updated config file
                * Added configuration lock
                * Added hook enabler

               Updated english lang file
                * Added configuration lock message

               Updated debugger
                * Hooks are working, only printing of the messages is 
                  operational at the moment.
                  Except much changes

 2 oct 2001 -  Updated DAL
                * Removed all global vars
                  Config is now embedded in object, some vars are
                  modified by passing references to make the code
                  more clear.
               Updated config
                * everything is now in an object so no more globals.
                * Moved language files to own dir.
                * Changed name of message to english
                * Language files are read in automagicly, based on the
                  language specified.

 1 oct 2001 -  Updated DAL to
                * Added fake transaction feature
                * Added dynamic configuration management
                * Added error messages in Portuguese 

23 sep 2001 -  Updated mysql Driver
                * fixed a bug which prevented to connect to a mysql server

18 sep 2001 -  Updated config file
                * introduced basedir variable.
                  This var contains the base dir where dal
                  is located.

18 sep 2001 -  Updated drivers
                * Fixed little bug in postgres driver where php could
                  produce an error message when closing the connection.
                * Fixed small feature of php. The fetchobject functions 
                  now return an associative object instead of an
                  enumerated and associative together.

12 sep 2001 -  Updated extension Object to 0.1.3
                * Changed naming and functions to say
                  hook instead of override.
               Updated DAL to
                * Small change in how driver are loaded.
                  Files are now loaded on demand.
                * Added a check with configuration selection

10 sep 2001 -  Updated dal and drivers
                * Changed all the documentation tags
                  all tags should conform javadoc standard

 9 sep 2001 -  Released dal 0.3.3

 9 sep 2001 -  Updated dal and drivers
                * Finally incorparated Ben afros' patch into
                  the development tree. Record seeking is now

 4 sep 2001 -  Updated dal and drivers
                * Added new function selectConfiguration to DAL
                * Changed connectDB functions in drivers to support
                  multiple configurations

29 aug 2001 -  Updated dal to 0.2.4
                * Changed the fetchArray function in all drivers. 
                  It gives the single associative array instead of
                  an associative and an enumerated array put together.

24 aug 2001 -  Changed config 
                * Changed the config location and extension
                * Put the dal messages into a seperated file.
                  Could be handy for translations in the future.

 3 jun 2001 -  Updated mysql driver
                * new function fetchInsertID;

               Updated DAL
                * new function fetchInsertID;
30 may 2001 -  Updated mysql driver to ver
                * Fixed a small bug that caused the fetchlastinsert function
                  not working properly when using queries with spaces and
                  without ;'s.
                * Added msql driver to DAL (alpha)
                * Fixed example to work with msql driver

25 may 2001 -  Updated postgres driver to ver 
                * Fixed small bug in postgres driver which caused it not
                  to trigger lastInsertRecord when an uppercase query 
                  was used.

               Updated mysql driver to ver
                * Made version the same as postgres driver
                * Fixed small bug which caused the driver not to trigger
                  lastInsertRecord when an uppercase query was used.

               Updated DAL to ver 0.2.1
                * Fixed small bug with DAL not reacting properly when an
                  uppercase query was used.
17 may 2001  - Updated DAL to support transactions.
               Updated postgres driver for transaction support

16 may 2001  - released DAL 0.2.0

13 may 2001  - Updated postgres driver to ver 0.1.2
                * Fixed a bug that could cause a function to spawn a
                  php error message
                * Fixed a bug that caused the enumerated array function
                  return an object.

               Updated DAL to ver 0.1.3
                * Fixed a bug that caused an php error to occur where 
                  a different driver would selected while already one
                  was active.
                * Made DAL's lastError contain a message when a custom handler
                  is being used.

              Updated the Example
               * Demonstrate all functions available in DAL.
               * Tried to clarify the example by using more comments.