Database Abstraction Layer


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There are 2 versions of DAL. The stable version, which contains less features but is stable and can be used within production enviroments. And the development version, which contains all the latest features but also unkown bugs, glitches and so on.

Features of the stable version

At the moment the stable version contains the following features:
  • 3 drivers to connect to a database server (mySQL, postgreSQL and msql)
  • Custom error handling
  • One way to execute queries and fetch results
  • Automagicly fetching of the last inserted record.
  • Multiple configurations
  • Transaction support (not supported by all drivers)
  • Fake transactions
  • Extensions
  • Record seeking
  • ...

Features of the development version

Besides of the features in the stable version the development version also contains:
  • German language for messages
  • Some bug fixes